About Us

About Us

The Panama Renewable Group is a young, diversified group of companies with interests in Renewable Energy.

Panama Renewable Group is at the forefront of transforming the way India produces Energy from Renewable Sources and strongly positioned to develop, build, and operate clean energy infrastructure of the future.


Our values are our soul. We find them in every action we take. They define what we are and how we behave. They are at the center of our work. They are our flag. They are our most profound convictions. Each one of us is called to respect them, experience them and promote them.

Our values are the foundation of our value and the measure of our behavior. Each of them identifies what we believe in. All together, they define our company and who we are.

Integrity: We want to earn the confidence of all those who work with us by keeping our promises, behaving transparently and taking responsibility for all of our actions.

Team Spirit: We believe that the best results are achieved through team work.

Respect: We respect our employees, our shareholders, our contractors, our vendors and the communities and the environment in which we work. We view contributing to improvements in the quality of life and social progress as a duty.

Excellence: We devote all of our energies to the effort of continuously improving our results. For us, a job well done is not enough: we want to be the best.

Speed: We want always to be ahead of the curve, ready to anticipate changes and respond with agility and flexibility to the needs of the market. Our people don´t just work hard, they work quickly.

Innovation: We want to deserve our pioneering reputation by challenging conventional wisdom and seeking new ways to generate clean energy.