CEO Message

Welcome to Panama Renewable Group!

Panama Renewable Group aims at creating a Wind Energy Portfolio in the Indian Market that has been dominated by conventional energy & is primarily dependent on fossil fuels. Meeting the Energy requirements to meet the current GDP has been the fundamental challenge before the Country.

In the last six decades, India’s energy use has increased 16 times and the installed electricity capacity by 84 times. Nevertheless, India as a country suffers from significant energy poverty and pervasive electricity deficits. In recent years, India’s energy consumption has been increasing at a relatively fast rate due to population growth and economic development. With an economy projected to grow at 8-9% per annum, rapid urbanization and improving standards of living for millions of Indian households, the demand is likely to grow significantly. The supply challenge is of such magnitude that there are reasonable apprehensions that severe shortages may occur.

We at Panama Renewable Group believe that renewable power with no fossil fuel dependency and with strong government and regulatory support is a prudent business model to not only address the ever increasing demand for power in India but also to address the environmental concerns associated with conventional power sources.

Keeping this in mind, we at Panama Renewable Group look forward to develop a de-risked wind energy portfolio through broad geographic presence, efficient technologies, and multiple revenue streams. In addition we are committed to maintain a balance between ecology, environment & and community development by engaging with the local community for generating employment, by developing basic infrastructure, by providing healthcare and education across the communities.

Backed by the objective of providing fair values for the environmental attribute we aspire to become a leading IPP by harnessing wind for sustained growth.

Sincerely yours,

Dinesh Jagdale
Director & Chief Executive Officer