Panama Renewable Initiative is focussed on empowering communities by educating and giving them means of livelihood in alignment with Panama Vision and Mission. Our aim is to meet the India’s Social need via the Panama Foundation Initiative (PFI). PFI is the essence of Panama Renewable CSR Program and we believe that an all-inclusive transformation can be achieved through Initiatives based on three parameters of development: Human, Social and Environment.


Panama Renewable has effectively engaged with the Local Stakeholders resulting in creating a healthy awareness of the benefits of Renewable Energy.

Panama Renewable Energy Awareness Programmes

This is a PFI to create mass awareness amongst School Children about the Use & benefits of Renewable Energy. Panama Renewable has a huge response towards the program & is well appreciated by the Local Stake Holders & the Local Administration.

Gifting Life

Panama Renewable has always believed in the philosophy of “Giving” and aims to bring about a difference to the lives of those who are in need. To help those who are battling with Life, Panama Foundation started an initiative “Gifting Life” in partnership with the Local Administration to provide Blood Donation Cards to the needy.

Panama Infrastructure Development Programme

Under this program Panama Renewable based on the needs & in consultation with the local stake holders helps in creating the Infrastructure in relation to the approach Roads, Bore wells for Drinking Water, Water Purification by Installing “Panama Blue” a Unique water filter which purifies water without the use of electricity.

Panama Preserving and Sustaining Cultural Heritage Programme

Panama Renewable has always been in the forefront of Preserving the Rich Cultural Heritage of the Country. Around the Project benefited Villages PFI has lead in renovating Several Temples thus spreading the message of Peace & Harmony.