In 2015, Panama Renewable has made substantial investments in innovation, aiming for a total commitment of more than $2 million by 2016. Innovation is a key part of the Group’s pursuit of sustainable growth. During the year, Panama Renewable focused on Strategy of Improving the Performance:

Panama Renewable in collaboration with Powercon-Bax Energy, Italy Invested in to designing an Energy Control Centre named as “Battlefield” designed to build & operate a very effective Performance Management System to take care of all the Renewable Power Assets of Panama Renewable. The aim was to develop & deploy Universal asset monitoring & reporting system connecting to all the assets presently under operation and also with a facility to connect all the future “To Build” assets under Panama Renewable.

The Battlefield Control Centre of Panama Renewable is connected to all the existing Wind Power Plants @ 152 MW as on date. The Performance Team at the Headquarters of Panama Wind is able to visualize, analyze and optimize the wind power plants including integration of all technologies in one unique platform and achieve complete visibility with reduced down time with a clear cut & distinct increase in overall asset performance & operational efficiency.

Main Goals of the Battlefield Control Centre:

  • Data Connectivity & Remote Delivery
  • Intelligent data processing and data quality verification
  • Long term data archiving
  • Diagnostics & identification of technical issues.
  • Data analysis & automatic calculation of Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Configurable data reporting
  • Interactive data trending capability
  • Real time data visualization of power plant operations
  • Geographical Information Systems

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